Advantages of the Online Spanish Immersion

We know all too well that online learning has its limitations, but it also has several advantages that explain why it’s becoming the greatest revolution in today’s education. At Fluenz we had to figure out a way to bring our acclaimed methodology to an online format; our on-site Spanish immersions had been so successful, that we wanted to figure out a way for our participants to have a similar virtual experience. The answer was an Online Spanish Immersion, where our exceptional team of coaches would give live tutoring.

But what are the advantages of our online immersions? 

-A customized program to fit your needs and transform your fluency. one-on-one sessions.  

-A Comprehensive Immersion of 30 hours,  or our Fast Immersion of 15 hours, both  taught in 90-minute one-on-one sessions via Zoom. Your progress is overseen by  our head coach, who monitors and  adjusts your work in real time.

-You schedule your own sessions, which  can be delivered as fast as you need them  within a 60-day window. You can also  adjust your speed as you progress. And  you can sign up for consecutive modules  as well.

How do we know it works?

Because we’ve been perfecting our linguistic  model for English-speaking learners over  the last 15 years. Millions of hours of learning have shown us the right path to unblock fluency and the testimony of our participants is proof enough that it really does work.  

Come unblock your fluency with us. For more information, write us at