Spanish Immersion Program in Mexico City

“Kick your Spanish language skills into high gear with Fluenz’s weeklong immersion program in Mexico City.”

Master Spanish in Mexico City

"The Fluenz Immersion program features intensive Spanish classes in Mexico City."

In Mexico City, upscale Spanish immersion course is about more than verbs

“The true gift that Fluenz gives may not be only the upswing of your Spanish speaking skills — though the program will certainly take you to new communicative heights. Its treasure is how it plunges you into Mexican culture and welcomes you into those layers with grace, gusto and wonder.”

Fluenz, An Experiential Immersion Program Offers Unmatched Luxury Getaways To Help Improve Fluency

"What sets Fluenz and the immersion apart is that the program is not only designed for native English-language speakers like me, but that the instruction is so highly-customized that no two experiences are the same and each builds on your skills, no matter where you start. I have been three times now and each time the program felt like it was built just for me."

This Is the Coolest Way to Learn a New Language

"Days are spent with skilled teachers (co-founder of Fluenz, Sonia Gil, calls them ‘language geeks’) and evenings are spent learning outside the classroom, discovering the history of Mexico from a poet over dinner or eating at the chef’s table at Pujol (reason alone to book the course)."

Learn Spanish Fast

“While many adults may conclude it too late to learn something new, a modern genre of curious traveler has emerged, one who seeks transformation rather than relaxation during vacation time. Enter a bold, new Spanish immersion program in Mexico City: Fluenz Spanish Immersion.”

Worldwise: Fluenz Co-Founder Sonia Gil’s Favorite Things

“Last year, Fluenz launched an in-person immersion program that is part language instruction and part high-end cultural exploration.”

Study Abroad for Grown Ups? Fluenz and other luxury programs show you how.

“When I found the elite Fluenz Immersion program in Mexico City, I knew I had discovered a brilliant—and luxurious—way to learn.”

Fluenz Spanish offers luxury language immersion vacations

“The six-night immersion combines group and intense one-on-one sessions, rigorous hour by hour assessments, recovery time, yoga and great food. In the evenings, the program hosts guests in top restaurants, leads exclusive art tours and brings in educators for private talks.”

Learning in luxury: Tour company immerses Spanish learners in Mexico City

"In addition to intense group and one-on-one Spanish classes, the long course takes guests to the city’s top restaurants and best museums, and begins each day with yoga, which the organizers say prepares the mind for an intense day of learning."

Fluenz Spanish Immersion Language School

"In an era where more travelers seek transformational vacation experiences, Fluenz Spanish Immersion, set in the heart of Mexico City, delivers the goods."

An Innovative Spanish Language Retreat in Mexico City, Fluenz Spanish Immersion.

“Fluenz is accelerated, bespoke, and ideal for all levels. Popular with high-level executives, academics, physicians, and others wanting to advance quickly, Fluenz’s unique method of teaching native English speakers Spanish can propel students to new levels of fluency in a very short period of time.”

When Only The Best Spanish Immersion Program Will Do

“Founded by Sonia Gil, Fluenz offers the most comprehensive language-learning programs designed for English-Speakers anywhere. The company’s work is based on the proprietary linguistic models that reverse-engineer Spanish and other languages from the point of view of English.”

The Best Places Around the World to Visit This August

“And if you’re looking to learn Spanish on your Mexican vacation, a luxurious new Spanish immersion program starts this August in Mexico City...The Fluenz Immersion program puts you up in an opulent city mansion for six days, where you’ll get the same language training the US military has been using for years, plus homemade meals and visits to local art destinations.”

Experiential Travel Is the Secret to Getting More Out of Your Next Active Vacation, Fluenz: Learn the Language

“In this intensive immersion program, set in a stunning mansion in Mexico City, you

Learn Spanish in a week? The rise of luxury immersion courses

“Fluenz offers the best of both worlds – learning a new language and a luxury getaway – to help improve your fluency”

Cosmopolitan Locales for Lovers Who Love the Urban Landscape

“Start your honeymoon with some Spanish lessons sure to take you to the next level. Fluenz Spanish Immersion holds customized, one-on-one, week long sessions in leafy Polanco, a must-visit neighborhood.”