This is Andrea, one of the Spanish Immersion’s star tutors

Good teachers focus only on imparting knowledge. Great teachers stimulate, provoke and encourage their students, and have the ability to develop relationships with them.  They are patient and caring, while trying to engage their students in learning the material. And when it comes to teaching a language, it’s a matter of getting the information to “click” in their learners’ minds. Now, this takes skill and expertise. 

At Fluenz, our coaches are not only passionate about the Spanish language, but they also live passionate lives. They are determined to take all their students to the next level, building on what they already have in order to take them straight to fluency. All have been thoroughly trained in the Fluenz Comparative Linguistic Models, and have had considerable experience teaching at our Mexico City location, and our prior Immersion in Antigua, Guatemala.

Andrea, one of our star coaches at the Spanish Immersion—both in the face-to-face and online programs—is a simultaneous interpreter and translator, a songwriter, and speaks four languages. 

You won’t find better Spanish tutors anywhere; true language experts ready to transform your language journey. If you’re about reaching fluency, come to one of our Immersions when we open back up or try out our Online Immersion: same program, but in the comfort of your home! Write us ate