Enchanting Oaxaca! We can’t wait to start again with our Fluenz Spanish Immersions

Everything starts in a beautiful mansion within the old colonial district, now a UNESCO heritage site. Picture yourself starting the Fluenz Spanish Immersion in a setting so captivating, you’ll want your six-day journey to go on forever. 

The Oaxaca Spanish Immersion consists of a small group of guests, all waiting to be wowed by the promise of an exhilarating Spanish and food experience. You’ll discover the soul of Oaxaca like a local, while absorbing the language every step of the way; it will be a journey through the textiles, mezcal and ceramics of the city. 

Our widely recognized Fluenz Global Spanish program for English-speakers, the best Spanish instructors in the world, and the magic of Oaxaca add up to a transformational experience you won’t soon forget. 

We can’t wait to be back again! Can you? Write us for more information: guestcare@fluenz.com