It’s all about La Guadalupe: new history talk with Adrián Pascoe 

At Fluenz we understand that learning a language is about having an outstanding program that fits your needs, but it’s also about strengthening your skills outside the classroom. That’s we constantly invite and encourage our students to participate in activities that will help them on their journey to fluency. 

Listening to Adrián Pascoe as he takes you on a tour of the past can be an opportunity to work on what you’ve already learned and maybe even a chance to acquire new information. This time, you’ll be delighted with his powerful history talk about the beginnings and significance of La Guadalupe, a cultural and religious icon, as the entire country gets ready to celebrate her day on December 12th.

Why is she so important in Mexico? The Virgin of Guadalupe is a symbol of hope, of faith and of Mexican culture, and the power of her image grows with the millions of people who revere her. Imagine that the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City attracts over 20 million people each year.  She has defined and unified Mexico over the past 500 years, and during the Mexican War of Independence La Guadalupe was able to unite a multitude of differing parties towards a common goal.

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