Yogi Adriene Mishler’s Spanish Journey

Adriene Mishler, an entrepreneur, yoga teacher and artist from Austin Texas, had always wanted to learn Spanish. She felt connected to the language, especially because she’s half Mexican. However, in high school she chose to take American sign language instead of Spanish, and now she’s in her 30s, with a job that takes her to many Spanish-speaking countries and wishing she knew how to speak this language.  

Before coming to our Mexico Immersion, she did what any person would do: she took the time out of her busy schedule and bought all the apps, listened to podcasts, music, TV, and even tried the traditional classroom setting. But still she felt she needed something else, so she started to look for opportunities where she could work at an intense level, and she came across Fluenz. 

This is where her journey really begins: ”For the first time I feel like it is actually possible for me to be fluent.” Listen to the rest of Adriene’s story here.