Yoga con Carmen at the Online Immersion

We’re ready for another fun and relaxing yoga session with Carmen!

When you open the mind to a new language, you’re opening the door to a world that’s waiting to be discovered. Everything is different; we come face to face with a culture we know nothing about while piecing together the structures and sequences that—with hard work—will take us to fluency.  That’s why we believe yoga is such an important part of the Fluenz program, both at our on-site and online immersions.  It relaxes the mind, gives us inner balance, and prepares us to internalize what we are learning.

From the heart of Mallorca, Carmen invites all of our participants into the serenity of her sanctuary for a session tuned up to opening the heart, the mind and the body.

Join us tomorrow! It’s held in English and Spanish and all levels are welcome. And if you are unable to attend this session, keep in mind we have a few other events this month. You can check them out here: