Let’s salsa tomorrow! Latin Dance class at our Online Immersion

So many of our participants had such a fun time at the last dance class, that we decided to make it a habit. We want you to move the body, shake all obstacles from your mind, and enjoy an evening of rhythms and beats after an intense day at the Online Immersion program.

It will be held tomorrow, October 5, and it won’t be a technical class, so don’t worry. The idea is to not focus on technique, but on feeling the rhythm and understanding how to move with it. We’ll be working on some steps together, so try to follow the beat and, most importantly, have a blast!

What are we learning? 

The class is based on three fundamental elements: steps, rhythm and tempo!

We’ll first learn the basic steps in a slow tempo, so we can start understanding the rhythm. Then we’ll slowly add more combinations so that in the end we can repeat them with different songs.

For this lesson, we will be practicing three types of salsa, from a different country in the Caribbean each:

– Salsa cubana

– Salsa colombiana

– Salsa puertorriqueña

Whether you have zero salsa experience, or want to practice your skills, the class is suited for anyone and everyone.

The class will be given in both Spanish and English, so come join us and practice your español. Register here: