New month, new events at the Fluenz Online Immersion

Time flies, more so when you’re doing something you love, and it’s true you need love to learn a language—or anything for that matter. When you learn a language, you have to enter into a relationship with it, one of  adoration, fidelity and time. After a while, you start to become familiar with its patterns, its words, and you start to understand the secrets of its sequences.  Then you start to improve and in a heartbeat you’re on the road to fluency. 

However, the one thing you never expect is all the intense, hard work you have to put into this affair. The good news is Fluenz has found a way to give you a break from the classroom while still learning Spanish in fun and engaging ways. For the past few months, we’ve had a blast at our Online Events. We love watching our participants learn and ask questions, and for November we have many other interesting events.

We’ll be hosting Yoga and Latin Dance classes as usual, plus, Jorge is returning with a fascinating look at the myths and history of Mexico’s most pervasive ingredient, corn! Likewise, Adrián will teach us about the origins and significance of Mexico’s most venerated image: la Virgen de Guadalupe.

We hope you can join us! Just register here at our events page.

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