Adrián Pascoe: storytelling at the Mexico City Spanish Immersion

At our Mexico City Spanish Immersion we like to mix it up. We’re not just another Spanish program. For starters, we offer a transformational methodology. Aside from that, we’ve also thought about the various ways that we can complement your learning, and we’ve succeeded in bringing forth a few.  Great food, for instance, because nourishing the body is as important as nourishing the mind. Yoga sessions to help the new information flow, visits to top Mexico restaurants and museums, and exclusive talks by some of Mexico’s leading literary and cultural figures, catered with top wines, a mezcal tasting, and finger food.

One of our favorite storytellers is Adrián Pascoe. He’s a Mexican playwright, screenwriter and cultural critic with a passion for decoding the country’s myths.  We have the pleasure of having him at every Spanish Immersion, where he explains the history of the current President’s movement and deconstructs layers of the complex history of Mexico while providing our participants with the opportunity to hear and understand native Spanish, in an accessible way.

Every one of our participants loves this event because it’s one of those rare occasions where you get to learn about Mexico’s rich culture in a meaningful way. 

Come join us for some great Spanish and some history on the side. Write us at