Andrea, one of our stellar coaches

At Fluenz, we’re known for excellence, but one of the things that makes us shine  the most is the quality of our teachers. We really go the extra mile when it comes to finding the people that will impart our methodology, because teaching, as many have realized this year, is no easy task. We’ve recruited coaches from all over the Spanish-speaking world and we’ve succeeded in forming a group of very unique and talented individuals who love teaching, who understand the workings of the Spanish language and who can explain it in perfect English. They’re all here to help you reach the next level and to make a difference in your learning.  

Meet Andrea. She’s a simultaneous interpreter and translator, as well as a songwriter, and she can speak four languages. How’s that for brilliant? 

Come learn with some of the best tutors in the world; you’ll appreciate the care and personalized attention they give you, because it really does have an important effect on your journey. Want to see for yourself? Just write us at to join one of our programs.