Shape Magazine: the Fluenz Spanish Immersion is an amazing experiential trip

According to Shape Magazine, “Vacations that let you dive into your destination on a deeper level are exhilarating, rejuvenating, and even life-changing.” They’re talking about “experiential travel,” which basically means taking your trips to a more intimate level, making them transformative by becoming absorbed in the destination’s culture. They believe “immersion is the key.” And they’re totally right.  

That’s why they included the Fluenz Spanish Immersion on their list of amazing experiential trips. We are the transformational journey of a lifetime: you’ll learn Spanish with an acclaimed methodology, in a beautiful mansion, and you’ll still have time to be submerged into a foreign—and exciting—destination. We are the real deal. 

“With this intensive immersion program, set in a stunning mansion in Mexico City, you’ll learn to speak Spanish in six days. During the day, you’ll work with Fluenz’s elite coaches (with breaks to sample incredible food and do restorative yoga). By night, you’ll test your skills in the city’s best restaurants and on exclusive art tours.” 

Come and join us for a magic—and educational—getaway when we re open our Spanish Immersions. In the meantime, why not start your Spanish adventure with our Online Spanish Immersion. Write us at