Why you’ll love the Barcelona Spanish Immersion

Fluenz has gone a long way to create experiences that exceed all our participants’ expectations. For those hopeful Spanish learners who want to have an all-inclusive program that includes a top-notch methodology and an immersion into the language’s culture, this is the one for you. What better place to dive in into the roots of the Spanish language than Barcelona. They don’t call it the jewel of the Mediterranean in vain: it’s beautiful, artsy, modern, and with an extensive history worth discovering. 

When you come to the Barcelona Spanish Immersion, you’ll get to live the “real Barcelona”  and have an insider’s experience the whole week. When you arrive, you’ll stay at a beautifully designed boutique hotel with a strong Catalan identity, and your Spanish work will take place at three unique private homes in the heart of Barcelona.

We’ll host you in some of Barcelona’s foodie meccas, go to those impossible-to-reserve restaurants, and will bring some of the city’s most interesting personalities for talks in Spanish (with consecutive English translation) while sampling the best Catalan wines.

If this sounds like something you’ve wanted to do your entire life, or if you’re just curious because you want to learn something new and visit a city you’ve never been to, then this is the program for you. Get in touch with us at guestcare@fluenz.com