Fluenz: the most unique approach to learning a language

Have you ever had the sudden realization that there’s something missing in your life? That you’ve always wanted to learn a language, but life has gotten in the way? Well, the only way to start is to take the first step. Fluenz is not only a language program, it’s a journey, with different stops and varying itineraries. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. 

If you’re serious about beginning your language adventure, we’ll be happy to guide the way; our top-notch methodology and talented tutors will take you to the next level in no time. It begins with our multi-device App, continues with the on-site Immersions and finishes with the Online Immersion. 

The Digital App: 

– Great video-tutors lead you every step of the way.

– Inspiring interfaces with tens of thousands of workouts that keep you in control.

– Hundreds of video-tutorials.

– Audio materials, Flashcards & Community included.

On-site Immersions:

– Six days of the most intensive Spanish in the world with stellar teachers.

– Customized programs. 

– Private visits to Michelin-starred restaurants and museums. 

– Gorgeous lodgings in Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Barcelona.

– Private concierge

Online Immersion: 

– An acclaimed methodology

– Real-time monitoring to achieve substantial results. 

– A true one-on-one teaching Immersion, in the comfort of your home.

– Flexible scheduling

– Comprehensive Immersion of 30 academic hours of one-one coaching, or a Fast Immersion of 15 hours.

You can take all three options or choose only. The truth is, whatever you decide on, you’ll always see results and you’ll be thrilled with your progress. 

Start your journey today! Write us for more information at: guestcare@fluenz.com