Why are we the best Spanish Immersion in the world? [2023]

The Best Spanish Immersion

We have the best Spanish Immersion. Sky Delta  magazine calls it an “Exhilarating Language Odyssey.” Conde Nast Traveler says it’s the “Coolest Way to Learn a Language.” The Fluenz Spanish Immersion is a program for a small group of participants throughout Spain and Latin America’s most beautiful locations

The week’s focus is an intense Spanish course that combines rigorous one-on-sessions with small group sessions. Polyglot coaches with graduate degrees in the humanities, education, and linguistics follow the famed Fluenz linguistic model.23

Tested by millions of hours of learning over the past 15 years, the Fluenz model has been specifically designed for English speakers looking to learn Spanish. There is no more efficient path through the complexity and beauty of Spanish than the one offered by Fluenz. It’s engaging, interesting, and most of all, very results oriented.

If you’re set on reaching the next level when it comes to your Spanish, our Spanish Immersion is the answer. Come and give us a try.  ¡Te esperamos!