We love exploring history at our Mexico City Spanish Immersion

If you’ve come to Mexico City many times, or never before, our week-long Spanish Immersions will reveal a city few travelers have ever seen, or heard about.

We have no doubt that Mexico is the most complex, layered, and exuberant society in the Americas. Its principal storyteller over the last 100 years, Frida Kahlo, was a woman of European Jewish descent who spent her lifetime rescuing and interpreting the country’s indigenous legacy for modernity. That’s why we are humbled sharing the art, wisdom and phenomenal contributions of Frida Kahlo with our participants. We take every one of our Immersion groups to visit Casa Azul, the place where she grew up, the home she shared with Diego Rivera and that is now a window into her world for visitors from around the world. We think t’s just too special to be missed.

We also visit the National Museum of Anthropology–at night after closing, for a private tour (amazing, right?). It’s really one of the coolest experiences ever. Imagine diving into the past at one of  the largest and most visited museums in Mexico, boasting one of the world’s largest collections of pre-Columbian relics, artifacts and art. With some pretty outstanding exhibits, it represents some of the country’s most important history.

This is only for starters, because Mexico is so big, you can never really know it completely. And trust us, it’s a pretty good start. When we start our Fluenz Immersions again,  come out and join us for a week of Spanish, history, culture and fun.

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