Pam Penn: a true Fluenz believer

So many happy participants, so many stories, and we love to share them because nothing thrills us more than listening to each person’s transformational journey. Witnessing the joy as they narrate how they progressed and learned so much in only 6 days, is really beautiful. That’s how special our Spanish Immersions are. 

Pam couldn’t believe how things had changed for her in only 1 short week. When she arrived at our Mexico City Spanish Immersion, she believed that she would improve, of course, but she never imagined the amazing outcome. On her overall experience: “It was intense,” she said. She corrected mistakes that she had been making for years, learned things she didn’t know, and she’s now able to speak with much more fluidity than when she arrived. “I don’t think I would’ve been able to do that through another means and in such a short period of time,” she declared. 

Listen to the rest of her testimonial here. The best part? She shows off her wonderful Spanish skills at the end, you can’t miss it! 

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