4 reasons why the Online Spanish Immersion is amazing

The traditional setting for teaching and learning has changed quite a bit in the past few months. However, not being able to be somewhere physically right now only means that you can enjoy the benefits of online learning. Because it does have its pros. At Fluenz, we crafted a program with our participants’ needs in mind, with the best Spanish tutors, in the comfort of their own home. Our Online Spanish Immersion is pretty amazing because it’s based on our on-site Spanish Immersions. This is how it works:

  1. After completing a rigorous interview, we create a comprehensive, customized program built for your needs, objectives, and style of learning. 
  2. Every session is one-on-one, and you’re never on your own. Our specialized team monitors your progress every day, and makes the necessary adjustments to reach the success we are all invested in achieving.
  3. You can choose the intensity of your program: the Comprehensive Immersion of 30 hours or the Fast Immersion of 15 hours.
  4. You get flexible scheduling in the comfort of your home or office, nothing tops that! 

Give yourself the chance to transform your Spanish. We’re up for the challenge, are you? For more info, our brochure and to sign up, write us at guestcare@fluenz.com