Springtime in Mexico City is ideal for a Spanish Immersion

Mexico City can be so beautiful in the late spring. First off, the weather is soothingly refreshing: it’s not the winter cold and it’s not the humid heat of the summer. It’s just that perfect in-between. Second, the city is in full bloom—the iconic Jacarandas show off their purple blossoms everywhere you look. Third, it isn’t as overcrowded as during the summer, and there are many spring festivals you can check out, starting with Teotihuacán’s Spring Equinox celebrations. However, not many people know this about Mexico’s springtime, it must be the country’s best kept secret. 

Every year, when our Spring cohorts arrive at the Mexico City Spanish Immersion, we just know it’s going to be love at first sight between them and the city. In order for our participants to experience Mexico like never before, we host them in some of the best restaurants, take them on exclusive art tours, and bring some of the city’s sharpest minds for private talks. We also have a series of informal immersion events to practice Spanish throughout the week. That’s when most get to stroll around, relax and just take in the beautiful sights. One of our favorite spots to have lunch, especially during Spring because we get to sit on the amazing terrace, is the San Angel Inn restaurant. With a history that dates back to 1616, the “Hacienda de Goicochea” has been bought and inherited many times. It wasn’t until June 13, 1963 that it became a restaurant, and ever since, the owners have taken great care to preserve the original gardens, fountains and the building’s structure. Enjoying its modern cuisine while surrounded by centuries of Mexican history is pretty spectacular.

You’ll definitely have something to write home about when you join us at one of our Spring Spanish Immersions. We hope to be back by then, so if this sounds like something you’d love, write us at guestcare@fluenz.com