David Liker: ‘Fluenz delivered, it was worth the trip’

When choosing how and where to learn Spanish—or anything for that matter—listening to another person’s experience is very valuable and sometimes it’s what tips the scale. That’s why we absolutely appreciate when our past participants talk about their journey in the Fluenz program. Even though living an Immersion is different than hearing about it, we feel that the excitement and positive feedback  that our past participants convey in their testimonials are capable of inspiring others to take the first step.

David Liker, who owns a vegetable farm in Maryland, came to the Mexico City Immersion without really knowing what to expect. In the end, the verdict was: “You guys delivered, it was worth the trip.” 

David described his week as “phenomenal.” The he adds:  I’m in love with my experience. I love the program, the people, this has just been a wonderful experience that I’ll take with me for my entire life.”

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