The Mexico Spanish Immersion: a family adventure

Each year, a select group of teenagers are rigorously interviewed and accepted into the Fluenz Spanish Immersion program. They come with one or two parents, who sometimes sign up for Spanish classes as well. Discovering Mexico City while learning Spanish in a beautiful, caring, and challenging environment becomes the family adventure of a lifetime.

Activities include a seven course meal at the chef’s table at North America’s top-ranked restaurant, as well as attendance at talks by some of Mexico’s top cultural figures. We also go on an exclusive nighttime visit to the famed Archeology Museum.

Mothers, dads, sons, daughters, and entire families are all welcome to share the adventure of learning Spanish while immersed in the culture of Mexico.

At the Fluenz Spanish Immersion, teens mingle with participants of different ages who are also studying the language, reflecting the culture of a city that doesn’t consider young adults children.