Chiles and early Mexican culture: another history talk at our Online Immersion events

Transformation is about achieving dramatic improvement in any task you set for yourself. When you’re an avid learner, thirsty for knowledge, transformation becomes an objective, it’s what you expect. However, true progress and change don’t come without a great program and real dedication. At Fluenz we find that excellence is the sum of many parts. We deliver the methodology, the guidance, and now, as part of our Online Spanish Immersion program, we’re offering a series of extra curricular events to complement your Spanish learning. 

Our latest event was a history talk on Chiles and Early Mexican Culture. The speaker, Jorge, is a designer, chef and culinary historian, tremendously knowledgeable about Mexican spirits. He is also half of the cooking team and co-founder at Casa Jacaranda, a market-to-table immersion experience in Mexican traditional cooking based in Mexico City’s hip La Roma district.

Mexican cuisine is very unique because of its ingredients, and at the center of them is “el chile,” (chili pepper), which has been a nutritional base in Mexico for a long time, and has always played an important role in Mexican culture. In pre-Hispanic times, “el chile” was used in many ways: as a food preservative, as offering for the gods, as payment to pre-Hispanic artists and as an exchange currency in markets.

This talk touched upon the early history of Mexican culture, its relationship with food, and how chili peppers influenced the development of pre-Hispanic cultures up to the present day.

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