Arianna Davis talks about how the Online Immersion helped her learn Spanish

After publishing her debut book What Would Frida Do? A Guide to Living Boldly, Arianna Davis found herself facing one of her deep-seated insecurities: she was Puerto Rican but didn’t speak Spanish. After a little research, she came across Fluenz and decided the Online Immersion was the program she needed if she was finally going to face her fear head on:

“After a few hours of research, I came across Fluenz, a program that helps students learn languages through curated, week-long immersions in cities like Mexico City and Barcelona. During the pandemic, founder Sonia Gil and her team decided to recreate the typically in-person process with a six-week virtual immersion. I was hesitant about committing to three classes per week while working remotely, but I decided that if I was going to be serious about this, I needed to be all-in.”

Davis also talks about how Sonia was with her every step of the way, reassuring her that although it seemed hard at first, she’d get there in time:

“After many years of teaching, she knows that ‘learning a language puts you in one of the most vulnerable positions you can be in.’ But, she adds, the only way to learn a language is to do just that: learn it. If you feel ashamed because you have an accent or that you’re gonna sound like a toddler—that’s okay. You are going to sound like a toddler! But eventually, that toddler will grow up into a confident adult. It just takes time.”

Six weeks later and with her book out, she feels proud of her Spanish progress and proud she took the first step.

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