4 advantages of the Online Spanish Immersion

Online learning has become more common over the years. Some people see it as a great alternative when they have to adapt to a work schedule, others just want to have the freedom to study anywhere. Today, given the current challenges that on-site classes are facing, many have had no other choice but to sit in front of a screen. The good news is that online education has carefully improved its reputation, and it definitely has its benefits. 

What if we told you that at Fluenz, our Online Spanish Immersions are just as intense as our face-to-face Immersions? They’re based on the same methodology, taught by the same accomplished private tutors, and supervised in real time to get you to fluency.

Here are some of the advantages of our Online program: 

  • You can learn from a more comfortable setting, be it you home, office or anywhere you choose. 
  • It’s convenient and flexible: you can schedule your own sessions, which can be delivered as fast as you need them within a 60-day window. 
  • One-on-one sessions allow for more interaction with coaches and close day to day monitoring. 
  •  90-minute sessions: the optimal amount of time for students and coaches in terms of attention, concentration and absorption.

For more information write us at: guestcare@fluenz.com