Meredith Calhoun talks about her experience at the Mexico City Spanish Immersion

We’ve helped thousand of learners with our Fluenz program. Both the digital offering and the Immersions have allowed many people to reach their language goals. It’s their testimonies that make us look good and for that we are forever grateful. We love being part of their journeys and hope to continue guiding many others to fluency. Here’s what Meredith Calhoun had to say about her experience at the Mexico City Spanish Immersion. 

“What was so great about the program is that it meets you where you are and devises the way to help you reach your goal in a short week. The one-on-one attention with the coaches was very helpful in that.”

Every minute planned

“I feel like every minute of every day was well thought-out, well planned, well executed, and it allowed for time for plenty of learning, but also allowed for time for absorption of that information, because it is a lot. “

Sonia’s involvement 

“Sonia and I talked very early on, and she helped me to create a goal that was attainable and then from the day I arrived, all through the process, she was involved. I really felt  like she was in the background every day understanding what my progress was and planning out my next lesson.”

It’s worth it

“What is so special about this program is that it is tailored to you, but also no detail is left unnoticed. Everything from the moment I walked off of the plane until the moment I’ll get back on the plane has been taken care of. From meals, to outings that are cultural in nature. to kind of sneak peeks of things that I would’ve never touched if I’d come to Mexico City on my own. So I would say it’s worth it and whatever your barrier or your boundary is and your language acquisition right this minute, I promise you that Fluenz can help you get to the other side of it within a week.”

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