Meet Daniel, one of our Spanish Immersion coaches

If there’s something that we’ve learned these past few months it’s that teachers are unsung heroes. They are amazing individuals. And when it comes to language teachers, they face a very particular challenge: guide their learners through the complexities of a new language. No easy task. Not only that, those with the task of imparting knowledge must be passionate about teaching, be patient, know their subject matter well, connect with their students and give them the motivation to learn.  

At the Fluenz Spanish Immersion we know all to well that an excellent methodology goes hand in hand with a great teacher. That’s why we’ve recruited all over the Spanish-speaking world to find uniquely talented individuals who love teaching, understand the workings of Spanish like no one else, and can explain the language in perfect English.

Daniel, who is one of our coaches, has a BS in Materials Engineering, is a three-time Latin Grammy-winning musician, and speaks three languages.

If you want to make a difference in your Spanish journey, come to our Spanish Immersions once we start up again and learn with the best!

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