Exciting upcoming events at our Online Spanish Immersion

Learning a language is a source of joy, more so when it’s with a personalized, high-impact training program that is capable of real breakthroughs. Of course, it does have its challenges, but at Fluenz we try to make the journey as smooth as possible, and having small breaks after long days of studying is important: freeing the mind with yoga sessions, listening to history talks in Spanish, learning about the magic of mezcal, or loosening up the body with some salsa dancing.   

Our Latin Dance class, taught by the talented Sammy, focuses on feeling the rhythm and understanding how to move with it. The idea is to work on some steps, try to follow the beat and, most importantly, have fun!

-Our yoga/mindfulness session, led by Carmen Gomez, is tuned to opening up the heart, the mind and the body for the rest of the day.

-Our mezcal talk, given by Jorge Fitz, will take you through what makes mezcal so special and you’ll be preparing a few cocktails. 

-The history talk, given by Adrián Pascoe, usually touches upon important events or people throughout the history of Mexico. 

We have some great events coming up in October at our Online Spanish Immersion, so come join us! Your Spanish will thank you.