The Mexico City Spanish Immersion: it’s like learning Spanish in paradise [2023]

Mexico City Spanish Immersion

The Mexico City Spanish Immersion:

Mexico City is as complex as it is large, and it really is as beautiful as everyone says. With so much history and culture, it’s only natural that it has become fertile ground for the best architecture, design and art around the world. That’s why when we started the Fluenz Spanish Immersion in Mexico City, we knew we had to host it somewhere that properly reflected such alluring treasures.  

We carefully chose beautifully restored mansions in Mexico City’s best neighborhoods. Run by a premier boutique hotel chain, what we do is we take over the entire houses to create the perfect environment for our Spanish Immersion programs.

Master-suites with bathtub and terrace, 24/7 luxury concierge service, plus really good yoga, excellent food made with local and healthy ingredients, and intense one-on-one sessions with the best coaches make up the most exciting language-learning experience ever. 

What do you think? Definitely beats the old, traditional classroom setting, right?

It’s like learning Spanish in paradise. Come check out our Mexico City Spanish Immersion. Write us at: