Elite Traveler: “The Fluenz Spanish Immersion delivers the goods”

Becca Hensley, award-winning travel and lifestyle writer, came to our Mexico Spanish Immersion last year and these were some of her thoughts:

“A student at Fluenz Spanish Immersion’s one-week program in Mexico City, I find I don’t learn only from the innovative curriculum, but from the layers of interaction with teachers and staff, the field trips (such as a VIP after-hours tour of the National Museum of Anthropology), the small talk with fellow students (a CEO, three doctors, a family) at group lunches, and the daily rooftop yoga, where my mind seems to recalibrate, chew and digest — as if to prepare for tomorrow.”

She left at the end of the week “not just speaking Spanish, but dreaming in it.” We were very excited to read her article, which so accurately praised our Fluenz program. We hope others will feel inspired by her words and motivated to join the best Spanish program in the world.