What to expect at the Online Spanish Immersion

There’s a certain kind of magic that happens when you learn Spanish face-to-face, especially when you’re being taught by excellent coaches that care about your progress. When it comes to online learning, nothing beats having sessions based on your timing and in the comfort of your home. What if we told you that you could have the best of both worlds with our Online Spanish Immersion?

We believe our in-person Immersions are truly special, that’s why we’ve adapted them to fit our online offering. Our customized high-impact training program is taught live by our same accomplished tutors. One-on-one sessions and real-time monitoring make the difference when it comes to reaching fluency. The best part is you can schedule your own sessions, which can be delivered as fast as you need them within a 60-day window. You can also adjust your speed as you progress and you can sign up for consecutive models as well. 

The online program offers two options: a Comprehensive Immersion of 30 hours and a Fast Immersion of 15 hours, both taught in 90-minute sessions via Zoom. 

The least you can expect from the Fluenz methodology is to reach your next level. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the end of your program. Interested? Write us at guestcare@fluenz.com

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