Don’t wait, start learning Spanish with our Live Tutoring Online

It’s not easy living in quarantine. The past months have been a challenge for everyone. We’ve had to adapt and figure out how to remain sane through this crisis. Some have buried their head in work, others have taken advantage of this time and used it to take up their paused passions. If you’re an avid language learner, maybe you’re looking for the best Spanish program. And maybe you’ve heard (or read) about our intensive—and amazing—Spanish Immersions in Mexico and Barcelona and want to give them a try. But then you realize you can’t because they’re on a brief hiatus given the circumstances. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. You know why? We did exactly what the world has been pushing everyone to do: adjust.

We took our renowned methodology and adjusted it to fit a screen. Our entire program, including our stellar coaches, has migrated to an online format. However, nothing has changed on our end. It’s still the same one-on-one teaching immersion, with real-time monitoring, and substantial results. We’re aware that there are many online Spanish programs, however, at Fluenz we provide the context and motivation that most online learning lacks. 

At the Online Spanish Immersion we care about reaching your objectives, that’s why we begin with a thorough assessment and create a bespoke plan of learning. You then get to choose if you want the Comprehensive Track or the Fast Track, depending on your goals and your timing.  The best part about being “online”: a flexible schedule and learning from the comfort of your home. You can’t ask for more. 

The face-to-face Immersions will return shortly and we can’t wait, but in the meantime, don’t delay your Spanish transformation. Write us for more information at