Barcelona, jewel of the Mediterranean. Can’t wait for our Spanish Immersions to come back!

What would you say if we told you you could have your dream vacation and learn Spanish at the same time? Sounds a little unrealistic, we know, but the truth is you can. It’s actually the most effective method to learn Spanish quickly. So if you’ve always wanted to visit Barcelona and speak Spanish like a native, Fluenz has the perfect Spanish Immersion program for you.

When you’re surrounded by everything Spanish, you have no other choice than to immerse yourself in the culture. This makes it easier to internalize the language and sharpen your skills, taking you one step closer to fluency. 

Imagine taking a stroll around Park Güell or visiting Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, all while taking Spanish lessons at a boutique hotel for an entire week. What’s more, we’ll give you the insider’s tour of Barcelona, taking you to top—hard to reserve— restaurants and inviting some of the city’s most interesting personalities for talks in Spanish. 

You’ll have the time of your life at our Barcelona Spanish Immersion. It’s all about the perfect balance between work and play, and this is it. 

Maybe you’ll think of joining us when we open up again!  Write us at: