Discovering Frida at the Mexico Spanish Immersion

When you’ve taken the time to find the right—and the best—Spanish program, you get Fluenz. We’re taking language learning to the next level; we want all our participants that arrive in Mexico City to connect with the program, but also with the city, its history and its culture. It’s an important part of any student’s road to fluency, that’s why we love taking them on exciting outings.

One of our favorites is Casa Azul, the charming blue house where the famous Frida Kahlo was born, raised, where she lived with her husband, and later died. Sharing her art, wisdom, photographs  and incredible contributions with our guests every week is a unique experience.

When we open back up in Mexico, you’ll be able to come and live this special experience for yourself. The museum of her life and work is a window into the lives of both her husband Diego Rivera and  herself, and it allows us to be part of their intimate world, if just for a while. Write us for more information: