Sonia talks to Guy Raz about the Online Spanish Immersion

When you’re invited to speak at a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the movements they’ve built, you know you’ve made it to the top. Sonia, our Fluenz founder, will be talking with Guy Raz tomorrow, October 9, about staying resilient and why she created the Online Spanish Immersion program.

Guy Raz’s podcast series, How I Built This, takes a look into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. At present, the twice-weekly livestreams with founders and leaders are centered on resilience, and the conversations focus on what it means to be a business leader during the COVID-19 pandemic— both in principle and in practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to look behind the scenes at how the Online Spanish Immersion came to be. RSVP and tune in to the live chat here: