Why the Fluenz model works

You want to learn a language and you’ve tried it all. Bottom line: you’re not reaching fluency. Why is Fluenz different? Imagine an amazing teacher that breaks down the subject the way it makes sense to you, that takes you through the ins and outs, that makes you practice everything that was taught.

Fluenz started as the digital version of the ideal one-on-one tutoring experience. But since we are such believers in our linguistic models, we put it to the test with real face-to-face immersions every month and with live tutoring online—our newest program. We are proud to say that all the people that have come to us, leave transformed because we deliver. No one will focus on your learning like we do.

If you want to hear more about why the Fluenz model works, founder Sonia Gil explains it beautifully in this video. Check it out, you might be inspired to begin your Spanish transformation with us.