One-on-one learning: what sets us apart at the Fluenz Spanish Immersions

The fastest way to learn Spanish starts right here, at our Fluenz Spanish Immersions. With our elite coaches and intense one-on-one sessions, six days will be enough to drastically improve your level of fluency.

What makes the Fluenz program better than any other? It ‘s the one-on-one coaching—together with boutique lodging, butler service, private yoga, and perfect food of course.

Every participant’s learning style and level of Spanish is different, which is why every program is individualized. This kind of teaching allows students to have the teacher’s constant attention; their strengths and weaknesses are consistently addressed, and the teacher’s input is maximized, which greatly benefits the student’s process.

All of our participants can attest to the effectiveness of our method. Just imagine learning Spanish with an amazing coach, in a beautiful room. What could be better than that?

Come try us out at one of our Spanish Immersions.