How much do you know about the Fluenz Immersions?

Learning a new language is a gift in itself, not only because it has cognitive benefits, but because it allows you to connect with the world in a different way, while giving you skills to succeed and overcome challenges. Any way you see it, having the ability to speak another language is an asset that should never be taken for granted. 

There’s no better feeling than arriving in a foreign country and feeling like a local. Having the ability to interact with the people and really navigate outside the tourist bubble gives you a whole new perspective. At Fluenz, we live for the excitement of learning languages, and we also know how life-changing it can be to reach fluency in whichever one you’ve chosen. It’s that sense of accomplishment that really drives our program. For every satisfied and fluent participant, there’s a friend or family member who wants to feel the same.

When we created the Spanish Immersion program, we knew it had to be one-of-a-kind. We wanted to offer all the benefits of learning Spanish in a unique place, with the best methodology and with guaranteed results.  So we brought everything we knew from the digital program and transferred it to a live experience.

First we opened Mexico City, where our students start out with a customized program to fit their specific needs, guided by our polyglot coaches. They stay at hip hotels in the best neighborhoods, eat at Michelin-starred restaurants, listen to famous speakers, and attend exclusive museum visits. At the end of their stay, they leave more confident with their Spanish and with a greater understanding of Mexican culture.  

The Oaxaca and Barcelona Immersions are coming; both are as exclusive as the Mexico Immersion and promise to be unforgettable journeys. Click on the links to learn more about them or write us at