Houston Chronicle: The Mexico Spanish Immersion is about more than verbs

Travel writer Becca Hensley came to our Fluenz Spanish Immersion because she knew she wasn’t truly fluent. Despite having lived in Spain, having spent many summers in Puebla, Mexico with her ex-pat grandfather, and having taken dozens of Spanish classes all the way throughout graduate school, she still felt she needed a Spanish boost.

So ‘in tune with the recent trend for transformational travel, she decided it was time to turn her vacation into a motion toward self-improvement.’

What she found was a unique program that exceeded her expectations. In her words: “The true gift that Fluenz gives may not be only the upswing of your Spanish speaking skills — though the program will certainly take you to new communicative heights. Its treasure is how it plunges you into Mexican culture and welcomes you into those layers with grace, gusto and wonder.”

We are grateful for her praise and hope she inspires others to come and perfect their Spanish in on of our Spanish Immersions. Click on the link to read more about her incredible experience.