Food and Fluenz, what a great pair

Nutrition and learning have forever been joined at the hip. They mesh well and they make each other better. One of the things that makes our Spanish Immersions stand out is that we cherish this relationship and we encourage it. At our Mexico Spanish Immersion, for example, we pamper our students from the very beginning. We have our own private chef who provides all of our breakfasts and lunches, and who makes all her delicious food with healthy and local ingredients. And of course, at night we have special outings to restaurants because, after all, we’re in Mexico City, one of the gastronomic capitals of the world. One visit we do with every one of our cohorts is to the Pujol, the world-renowned, Michelin-starred restaurant, and have an exquisite seven-course meal. 

But one of the the things we love the most is having our participants take chances and try food they’ve never tried before. And in Mexico there are plenty of dishes worthy of a dare. Take the chiles en nogada, for example. This is a seasonal dish that only comes out from August to Sept, and its colors represent the Mexican flag. It’s  a poblano chile stuffed with picadillo (ground turkey), covered with a walnut sauce, called nogada, and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and parsley. It’s very tasty!

Are you into trying out new flavors? Come to one of our Immersions when we open again and get your dose of language-learning and foodie fun. Write us ate