At our Fluenz Spanish Immersions, yoga and mindfulness lead to better language learning

Learning a language is never easy. It takes patience, time, motivation. You’re seeing an entirely new world for the first time, and it can get overwhelming at times. That’s why at Fluenz we’ve taken every detail into account to make your language-learning process smoother. When you come to our Spanish Immersions you’ll see that our entire program is unlike any other. Not only is our methodology unique, we also help you focus so you can learn better. 


At our Spanish Immersions we offer mindfulness and yoga practice. Created for Fluenz by Heidi Kusters, Mindfulness for Fluency clears the mind’s clutter and overstimulation to sharpen your focus on Spanish. Sessions combine still and movement meditation every day of the Spanish Immersion.

We believe that by freeing our minds we can retain and internalize the new language, allowing us to flow towards fluency.

Sound interesting? It is. And you’ll be surprised by the results. 

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