Soumaya Museum: a must-see when you come to the Mexico City Immersion

At Fluenz we firmly believe that our Immersion program should be coupled with a complete dive into the country’s culture. It really makes a difference, so when you come to Mexico City we encourage you to mingle with the locals and participate in activities that will give you a taste of the history and traditions. We, of course, have a few very exclusive activities planned for your stay, including a visit to Pujol restaurant and a night-time visit to the National Museum of Anthropology. However, we have an exclusive 24/7 luxury concierge service that will help you explore a little of Mexico on your own as well:  top restaurants, local experts, art venues, and architectural landmarks.

One of the places we’re sure you’ll be thrilled to visit is the Soumaya Museum. For starters, the exterior is so striking it will blow you away. Designed by Mexican architect Fernando Romero, the building is covered by 16,000 hexagonal aluminum tiles, which give it a geometric look. Named after billionaire Carlos Slim’s late wife, this private museum has over 66,000 works of art that range from Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica, to 19th- and 20th-century Mexican art, and an extensive collection of European works, including several important pieces from Old Masters like Auguste Rodin, Salvador Dalí, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and Tintoretto. Imagine that it’s known as one of the most complete collections of its kind.

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