Why the Fluenz Immersions are the real deal

When you’re looking for a Spanish program, you want one that fits all your needs, that fulfills all your expectations, right? What if you found an intensive, personalized training program that offered six days in gorgeous lodgings, with stellar teachers, Michelin-starred restaurants, famous speakers, and exclusive museum visits. The Fluenz Immersions are everything you’ve ever dreamed of in one place. 

Whether it’s Mexico City, Oaxaca or Barcelona, our Spanish Immersions follow a customized plan that adheres to your pace and your priorities. It’s also taught by polyglot coaches, reflecting the many accents of the Spanish- speaking world.

Aside from our outstanding methodology that was created to get you to fluency, there is no other immersion in the world that matches our dedication to boutique lodging, butler service, private yoga, and perfect food. In a nutshell: it’s a learning experience, in style. 

The Fluenz journey is composed of a digital App, the face-to-face Online Immersion, and the six-day experiences, and for 15 years we’ve taught Spanish to hundreds of thousands of learners. We know what we’re doing and we’re pretty good at it. Come see for yourself. Ask for our brochure at guestcare@fluenz.com