Excited about another great yoga session at our Online Spanish Immersion!

Connecting the body and the mind through yoga has been at the center of our Immersion programs—on-site and online. We’ve found that inner balance allows us to internalize what we’re learning and, thus, helps us on the road to fluency. That’s why, after an intense day of learning Spanish, there’s nothing like a break to heal and restore.

As part of our Online Spanish Immersion events we’ve invited Carmen Gomez to guide us in a few yoga sessions. All the way in the heart of of Mallorca, where beauty and calm nature come together, she has opened a sacred space where people find serenity and peace through her practice, and now she’s letting our participants into her sanctuary for relaxing, mind-opening classes. 

Our objective is to get the flow going and to free the mind. These sessions are held in English and Spanish, and all levels are welcome. 

For more information on our events, go to: https://fluenzevents.zohobackstage.com/events