Forbes on The Online Spanish Immersion

Exciting news! Forbes has published another article about Fluenz, this time, the focus was on the Online Immersion program.  

The cool thing about having a writer who’s actually experienced our Immersion is that their words ring true. Taylor Boozan, acclaimed travel journalist for Forbes, is not only a great writer, she’s also a great student: a Fluenz student! Her love for language learning is obvious and we couldn’t be more pleased with her results. From our Mexico City on-site offering to the Online Immersion, she came, she conquered and she certainly habla español now. Her detailed chronicle is a reflection of her virtual Spanish adventure, where we had the pleasure of helping her on her path to fluency.

Every time a journalist comes to one of our Spanish Immersions, they leave impressed. We couldn’t be prouder of all the work everyone puts in to bring each immersion to life. 

Read Taylor’s full article here. We hope it inspires you to sign up. Write us if it does: