The Day of the Dead: one of our favorite holidays at the Mexico City Spanish Immersion

When participants come to our Mexico City Spanish Immersion, they’re usually excited about two things: learning Spanish in a beautiful setting and discovering the treasures of a foreign city. The fact is, they really are in for a treat. What they find at our six day/seven nights Fluenz Immersion, with our elite coaches, is a perfect combination of group and intense one-on-one sessions, rigorous hour by hour assessments, recovery time, really good yoga, and great food made with local ingredients and health in mind.  Furthermore, we love to host our students in top restaurants and take them on exclusive art tours, but we also let them do some exploring on their own. Mexico is full of celebrations, traditions and secrets waiting to be discovered. 

One of the holidays we enjoy the most is the Day of the Dead. You see, in Mexican culture death is regarded as a natural part of the human cycle, and more than a day of sadness, they see it as a day of celebration. Mexicans believe that on this day, their loved ones who have passed awaken and celebrate with them. Those who’ve seen the movie Coco, know what we’re talking about. These celebrations are very powerful in Mexico. Homes and pubic places are filled with altars called ofrendas, where they honor the deceased with flowers, calaveras, photos, and their favorite food and beverages. And of course, there’s also a delicious feast for the living. 

The celebrations take place from October 31 to Nov 2 and some of our Fluenz Immersion participants got to take a two-day tour of the festivities. What are you doing next year on these dates? 

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about your Day of the Dead plans! Write us at