Latin Dance Class: one of our Online Spanish Immersion events

We know that learning a language is hard work, and we know this because we’ve spent more than a decade figuring out how to unblock fluency for each of our students.

The good news is, hard work usually pays off. That’s why we’ve created these fun and interesting “after-school events” for our Online Spanish Immersion participants. It’s a way of giving them a much-needed break after an intensive one-on-one online Spanish session with our stellar private tutors. 

This time around it was an online Latin Dance class with Sammy, an exceptional dance teacher from Bogotá, Colombia, who has been involved with the dance community all her life. She has participated in numerous shows showcasing all types of Latin Dance. In San Francisco she led a samba dance academy. In Bogotá she currently teaches salsa and samba, and for Fluenz she developed a fun, easy to follow Latin Dance Class. 

The idea was to relax and have fun dancing, while practicing and listening to Spanish. That’s why Sammy spoke in both Spanish and English. We were hoping that by getting the body moving and putting the mind to rest, all those sequences and structures would suddenly start making sense. And maybe they did for many!

Our online events will keep expanding, and each one will be more interesting than the last. We invite you to join our Online Spanish Immersion for some serious Spanish-learning and certainly for some added fun!

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