Take the first step and join our Online Spanish Immersion

It’s going to be a while before Spanish tutors and learners sit across from each other in a room, but we’re prepared to offer you the next best thing. 

We’re aware that our Mexico City, Barcelona and Oaxaca Fluenz Spanish Immersions are quite the experience, and when the time is right we’ll be reopening. However, if you’re eager to learn Spanish, we encourage you to take the first step with our Online Spanish Immersions.

Our Online Spanish Immersions are like having the best private Spanish tutors. We work with incredible coaches that are fully qualified to help you reach your Spanish goals, and our program is based on our highly acclaimed linguistic model for English-speaking learners, which we’ve been perfecting over the last 15 years. 

Don’t put off your private Spanish lessons until “later”. The time is now! Click here for more information.