Beginners are welcome at our Fluenz Spanish Immersions!

One of the first things our participants ask when they’re thinking about being a part of our Fluenz Spanish Immersions—online or face-to-face—is: How much Spanish will I learn as a beginner? The answer is, a lot. 

When you come to one of our Immersions or when you register for our live tutoring sessions, one thing is for sure, your beginner Spanish will make a substantial leap in the six-day program. You will be able to ask many questions and understand some of the answers. And you will be able to ask people to rephrase their answers in order to get them to speak phrases that you actually understand. 

The other question you probably have is: Will I be absolutely fluent in Spanish after six days? We’re afraid that would be impossible, but the week would be a rock-solid beginning to your Spanish journey. Our expectation is that you would have enough fluency and momentum to make substantial improvements on your own when you continue with the Fluenz Digital program.

Join us and stop being a beginner! Write us for more information at