A special Nighttime visit to the Museum at our Mexico City Immersion

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to go on a private nighttime tour of one of Mexico’s largest and most important museums. That’s why our program is so unique. When you come to our Mexico City Spanish Immersions we go that extra mile to enrich our participants’ experiences, because learning Spanish is not only about sitting in a room and going over grammar, it’s also about diving into the culture and discovering new things. 

Each week we take our cohorts to the National Museum of Anthropology, which contains some of the most significant collections of pre-Columbian relics, artifacts and art. And every time it continues to surprise us. 

One of the sculptures we most admire is the Ocelotl Cuauhxicalli, a huge jaguar carved out of volcanic rock by the Aztecs. There’s a hole in its center, used to deposit the hearts of sacrificial victims as ritual offerings to the Gods. 

There are 79,700 square meters of things to see, so it’s impossible to get to everything in just one visit. It’s a good thing we’ll keep coming back with every one of our groups when we open back up. So stay tuned and come join us for some language learning and some exclusive outings with the best program there is.  For more information write us at guestcare@fluenz.com