The neighborhood of the Fluenz Spanish Immersion

The Fluenz Spanish Immersion is held in the heart of Polanco in the Reforma District of Mexico City. Decades of city renewal have brought pedestrian-friendly promenades and vivacious neighborhoods full of cafes, boutiques and bookstores.

Polanco is home to several iconic neighborhood parks including Parque Lincoln, Parque América and Plaza Uruguay; all proud hosts to daily commuters, early morning boxers, Sunday family strollers, urban explorers, world-class flaneurs⁣, and even Spanish Immersion participants.

Our teachers and participants often walk between the mansions for classes. Having a walk and feeling a part of the city, is one of the many ways the Fluenz Spanish Immersion joins language learning with cultural experiences.

Join us at the Immersion to take your Spanish, and perhaps strolling, to the next level.